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monday luvs - diy flowers

Cushion Moss Wreath
(via - check out the how-to video)
Cushion Moss Wreath

An inviting wreath composed of cushion moss will thrive all year. Use some or all of the following natural materials to craft a beautiful wreath for your home.

Pincushion Moss
These plants are of the genus Leucobryum (order Bryales), and form tufts resembling giant grayish white pincushions in moist woods or swampy areas. Three or more species are native to North America, and it grows in dense clumps ranging from a few centimeters to a meter (1 or 2 inches to more than a yard) in diameter and from 3 to 10 centimeters (1 to 4 inches) high.

Sheet Moss
Sheet moss, which is any of the plants of the genus Hypnum (subclass Bryidae), is a species of carpet moss. It forms dense green mats in many habitats throughout the world, especially on decaying wood in moist areas; a few species are aquatic. There are about 20 North American species of Hypnum. Sheet moss dries out extremely quickly, especially outdoors, so it's important to water it often.
Tools and Materials
•12-inch straw wreath
•Pincushion or reindeer moss
•Sheet moss
•Nylon wire or chip brush
•Floral pins
•Glue gun and glue sticks
•Floral pick
•Floral tape

Wreath How-To
1. Start with 12-inch straw wreath. Select a handful of pincushion or reindeer moss. Brush excess dirt from moss with a nylon wire or chip brush.
2. Firmly cup moss in hand and hold to wreath to retain the lumpy shape of the moss. Push floral pin through moss into straw to hold moss; repeat until moss is secure. Brush dirt from moss with light brush if necessary. Continue placing moss around wreath until complete.
3. If you prefer to use sheet moss, take a few inches of the sheet moss, and trim dried out parts with scissors. Use glue gun to adhere to valleys in moss. This will also hide the floral pins. Continue gluing sheet moss until wreath is complete.
4. Add embellishments to the wreath: Wrap a few stems around a floral pick and wrap with floral tape. Create hole in wreath with a pencil; push floral pick into hole. You can also use a glue gun to attach some embellishments. Arrange embellishments in wreath as desired. Finish wreath with ribbon, tie ribbon in half-windsor knot.

Pom Flowers:

Pom flowers come in an assortment of different colors that would work for the 2 projects below:

(images via

(image via weddingflowersofamerica)

Pom Flower Ring Pillow / Centerpiece (diy - via mydiyweddingday)

(image via


There are so many fun things to do with flowers at your wedding. Here’s an idea from the ladies at Flower DIYvas. Give your ring bearer pillow flower power in seven easy steps.

1 in. thick artificial floral foam
Green button mums
Black boutonniere pins
1 yd. of ½ in. ribbon
Faux rings

Step 1: With the knife, score the foam to the desired size and snap off any excess. Bevel the corners for a pillow shape.

Step 2: It’s time to prepare the flowers. Use the clippers to cut off the blooms, leaving no stem. Next, push a pin through the center of each mum.

Step 3: You’ll need to assemble the flowers in rows. Start in one corner, on the beveled edge of the "pillow", and carefully pin the mums into the foam. Complete all of the outside edges first.

Step 4: To fill in the top and sides, continue adding mums and stagger the blooms so that all of the gaps are filled.

Step 5: Once all of the sides and top are done, gently flip over the pillow and finish the bottom.

Step 6: Wrap the pillow with ribbon, like a gift box. Tie a double knot on the top so the ribbon doesn’t slip, and secure with a few pins pushed through the knot.

Step 7: String faux rings onto the ribbon and secure with a pretty bow.

Pom Kissing Ball (diy - via weddingbeepro)


Pom Pom Kissing Ball:

-1 3 or 4 inch styrofoam ball
-1 bundle of pom pom mums
-1 box of pearl pins or straight pins
-Several straight pins
-Water mister
-Large zip lock freezer bag or clear bag (with no holes)
-Bag ties
-Floral shears

1. Cut individual mums from their stems. Make sure that all stems are removed.
2. Fasten ribbon (to use as handle or to tie pomander as decoration) to the styrofoam ball securely with straight pins.
3. Starting with one side. Secure mums to styrofoam, using pearl or straight pins, by poking the pin through the center of the mums. Continue until the entire ball is covered with mums.
4. Mist pomander with water.
5. Take a zip lock or plastic bag and blow hot air into the bag. Place kissing ball into the bag.
6. Secure the bag tightly using the zip lock or bag ties.

With mini carnations, you do the same thing but instead of styrofoam, use an Oasis ball. Make sure that you let the water-soaked Oasis ball stand, until the water stops dripping. Then, secure your ribbon to the ball with straight pins. However, instead of cutting all the stems off the mini carnations, cut them down to 2 inches. Insert the stems directly into the ball; no need for the pins. You can also add some spray roses and little green buds into the ball like the pink kissing ball above.

TIPS: What’s the trick to making a sturdy, fresh pomander? I tried making one of my own and completely failed! Water was dripping from my foam and the stems kept breaking as I pushed them into the foam. Would you mind sharing your expert tips and advice?

I personally have a love/hate relationship with kissing balls (aka pomanders). I love making them, but they aren’t as easy as they appear. Even though we’ve made over 200 kissing balls over the course of our business, they are still one of those pieces that we continue to finesse. For me, the trick with kissing balls is using the right flowers. Many people don’t realize that there aren’t many flowers that work. I once saw someone use French tulips to make a kissing ball. Sorry, but that’s the absolute worst flower you could use. First of all, the beauty of the French tulip is its gorgeously long stem. What a shame to waste that stem on a kissing ball. Also out of water or Oasis, tulips aren’t very “happy”.

Most important tip: choose a sturdy, flat, round, mass flower. My two favorites are mini carnations and pom pom (button) mums.

We use two different methods when making a kissing ball. For mums, we like to use a styrofoam ball. For the carnations, we use an Oasis ball. It’s a matter of personal preference and ease for us, so you don’t have to follow this. Most people use Oasis balls because they keep the flowers hydrated. We have a professional cooler where we can keep kissing balls for several days, so we often use the styrofoam method. For a non-professional, I suggest using the Oasis balls.

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