Saturday, March 26, 2011

silk flowers arrangements for under $6 each

I came up with a few sample arrangements for the upcoming m+m nuptials. I prefer real flowers, but I also love the idea of being able to make everything in advance of the big day.
These were meant to give us some ideas for the buying of the 'real' flowers, but I realized this might be a viable option for anyone on a budget. The two mixed arrangements were made from four bunches of flowers that I picked up at Michael's for $.89 each & a $1.52 for the large yellow flower. I cut the orange & red bunches in half & divided between the two jars. I used mason jars I already had, but you can get a 12 pack of jars for around $12. So, total cost for each arrangement was $4.19 in flowers & $1 for the jar = $5.19.

The other two arrangements, solid yellow, & solid white, were made w/ 3 bunches, again $.89 each + the cost of the mason jar, for a total of $2.67 in flowers & $1 for the jar = $3.67. I'm working on sample table settings & will share them soon!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


luv these handmade confetti envelopes & having everyone throw it as the happy couple walk down the aisle together for the first time as Mr. & Mrs!
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woodsy engagement shoot

see more here: via adam hudson on style me pretty

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winter rocky mountian wedding

via style me pretty

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ribbon & lights entry

I'm revisiting this idea for the wedding I'm styling in August! You an see my original post here. (The images are screen shots from the video below).

And I'm also luving this decor - YOU ARE MY BLISS...YOU ARE MY DREAM COME TRUE

Check out the video - lots of little details & awesomeness!

Max, Margaux, & The Marvelows from Shark Pig on Vimeo.


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Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY: chiffon & tulle flowers

via project wedding

For this project you will need fabric - we used chiffon and tulle. Yardage needed will vary based on the number and size of flowers, as well as the fabric thickness. You'll also need a piece of paper, a pen, scissors, pins, needle and thread, & glass seed beads.

To make a stencil first free hand a rose petal shape and cut out. Then retrace it five times on a larger sheet of paper to create a full flower shape. This will help you get an even pattern. Cut out pattern.

Take some fabric and fold it into a square a little larger than your flower pattern. Pin the pattern to fabric and carefully cut out. Repeat this process until you have enough layers to make a full flower - the number of layers will vary depending on the weight of your fabrics and the size of your flower. The example shown here uses 26 layers.

Stack flower cut outs, alternating fabric types and staggering petals. Use a needle and thread to secure them together at the center.

Pinch together the center of the flower (from the bottom) and secure with stitches to create volume and give the flower an authentic shape.

If desired you can sew decorative beads in the inside center of the flower.

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